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MaleCinema is a collection of male nudity videos that were taken from different movies of a wide range of years and countries.

I’ve been into male erotica since a childhood when I saw the beauty of naked male body in a movie. Then later I started to collect such movies with naked men in them, which took much time and effort.

In 2010 I created this site to offer my collection for the bigger audience.

The feature of Male Cinema is that it is a refined collection of male nudity videos.

It means that there are mostly beautiful and attractive men and boys, so that you are not offered with a thousands of video clips of any glimpse of any naked male and then you just spent hours and hours with deleting all the trash leaving the most hot ones.

There not so often updates of the new videos because it is not so easy to find them. I have discovered that the most hottest and beautiful male nudity is in the old movies up to 90s. In modern movies male nudity is rare or not interesting at all.

Why naked men in movies are so attractive? A one reason is because movies are shot with professional cameras and best lightning. And another that in the old movies you can see naked male moments that you can’t even get in real life now – like common showers full of young naked boys washing together! And one more reason is that you can watch naked guys of different cultures, countries and time epochs. Some movies were made in courtiers that do not exist any more – like USSR, Czechoslovakia, East-Germany.

So by now MaleCinema is very popular and people are signing up to the members’ area from different parts of the word – not only USA and Europe but Russia and some Asian countries.

So everyone is welcome to take part and get access to the erotic world of naked men in movies!

MaleCinema owner.

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