Hendrik Scheider in Saudade 2003

Charming German actor Hendrik Scheider naked in German gay movie “Saudade – Sehnsucht ” or “Longing” of 2003.

Hendrik Scheider in Saudate

Saudade - Sehnsucht

Saudade - Sehnsucht 2003

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Movie plot:

Three German buddies vacation in Brazil financing their trip by webscasting naked webcam shots of themselves on their trip. All three have their own agendas as well.

Rich boy Cyrus is convinced that he can find his Brazlian mother. Musician Tim is convinced he can find his own sound. And romantic Erik is convinced that he can find love.

When Erik meets and falls for a Brazilian soap star it looks as though he may be right but when an anonymous tryst on the beach goes wrong and ends in a stabbing…

Vintage male nudism video

An edition of an interesting movie on the early days of nudism made in 1932.

It was the work of Jan Gay. She was born Helen Reitman in Leipzig, Germany in 1902. Her parents were American and she grew up in Illinois. In about 1927, she met Eleanor Byrnes and fell in love. They both changed their names, to Jan and Zhneya Gay. During a trip to Europe:

“they visited various nudist camps in Germany and Switzerland which prompted Jan to write her book On Going Naked, which she published in 1932 with Holborn House (New York) with decorations by Zhenya. The book was so successful that she started her own nudist colony in Highlands, New York called the Out-of-Doors Club. Her book was also quickly adapted into a roadshow film called Back to Nature which was shown in theaters across the county in the Summer of 1933 to adult only audiences.” [Gay History Wiki]

Coming In

Coming In – a German movie of 1997 with some scenes of male nudity with handsome muscle man.

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